Update 20/05/21 - Known Issues

We've released a patch today which adds a range of new features (see official patch notes here) but there are also a few issues, the worst of which are listed below:

  • Controller support - Not fully implemented for create mode. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Friends search - Not fully implemented with controller. This will need to be navigated using KB/M until we get controller support properly working for it.
  • Matchmaking - There are still some matchmaking issues occurring. We have narrowed down the issues with infinite loads in VAC tubes when playing compete mode to parties. If players do matchmaking without forming a party before hand, then it should be a lot more stable.
  • Unable to navigate 'Return to lobby' prompt as the host when in a multiplayer party when using a controller.

Please be aware that support can't directly assist you if you experience these problems, but you're still more than welcome to submit a support ticket and include your output log, which may help with further troubleshooting/diagnostics.

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