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The Community $potlight is an exciting initiative we’re kicking off in conjunction with Surgeon Simulator 2’s pre-access week.

Community $potlight links directly to the Bossa Labs: Creation Mode and is a way for us to champion and reward you for making awesome levels.

To us, the best and fairest way to do this is to literally pay you, real money! No in-game credits, no catch; just cash.

There are other perks too and we’ll get to them below.

How it Works

  • Starting from August 27th 2020 and on the first of every month starting from October 2020 we’ll select 5 community-made levels for our Community $potlight.

    • These levels don’t necessarily need to be the most upvoted or complicated but need to embody the spirit of Surgeon Simulator 2 or do something surprising/innovative.
    • They could also be a beautiful, inspiring scene too. The point is, catch our eye or impress us and you could be a winner!
  • The levels will then be featured in the Community $potlight section of the Discover Mode.

  • At this point (as long as you’re signed up to the Community Hub website) we’ll reward you with $1000 via PayPal.

  • Other rewards include:

    • Exclusive Discord rank

    • Exclusive Discord channel access

    • Level featured on the official website

    • Level featured on steam

And that’s it! What are you waiting for? Get creating and earning!

The Fine Print

Since we’re dealing with real money, there are of course caveats and we’ll try and summarise them. If you do have further questions please reach out to our friendly support team here

  • To qualify for any rewards, you MUST sign up to our Community Hub and link your Epic Account/email address from which you play the game.

    • This has to be done BEFORE you create any levels.

    • This process is to verify identity and not for marketing purposes.

  • The cash itself CAN ONLY be sent via PayPal, so you must have a valid PayPal account.

  • Once selected as a winner, you will have 6 months to provide us with payment details and other relevant information.

  • Rewarding creators is at our sole discretion and we reserve the right to deny payment.

  • Bossa retains editorial rights to all content provided.

  • The levels submitted must not contain copyrighted material or be copies of other existing levels.

  • If you are a minor you will need to provide consent from your guardian to be eligible.

  • Levels cannot be deleted - we reserve the right at our discretion to delete levels if requested.

  • For levels created by multiple players, any rewards will be distributed evenly.
    Bossa will not intervene or mediate this process. If in doubt; make levels solo.

  • Your account must be clean, if you have had a history of violations of our Code of Conduct, we will not pay or reward you.

Full Spotlight Terms & Conditions.

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