Known Issues - 30th October

The Bossa Presents games will be available on the 30th October at 6pm GMT via https://www.bossapresents.com/

They are downloaded via a standalone launcher and require either a Dualshock or Xbox controller to play.

The Bossa Presents campaign will run until the 24th November.

Known Issues


  • “Close” in the settings menu is permanently highlighted (Potentially an issue with using the mouse to navigate UI)
  • Games will launch into windowed mode


  • Will not display correctly on some screens (Issues with some resolutions)
  • No feedback on per page download button. (Feedback is clearer on large download button)


  • Patch Note field is currently empty.
  • Full screen on videos sometimes breaks the launcher. Minimise to fix.

Pigeon Simulator

  • Pigeon will often dip into ground briefly after landing
  • Players will die if they fail to eat anything.
    • This is not a bug, but we’ve heard several players raise the issue. So it’s a headsup to let them now. They are dying because they are starving)
  • Auto-poop will cause the camera to briefly look at the sky (Auto-poop results from eating food while full)
  • Warehouse causes lighting issues in Pigeon Vision
  • Spicy poop will cause lighting and shading issues on grass when in pigeon vision
  • Pooping during 

Trash Bandits

  • Cars Bounce on collision (This is intentional)

I am Fish

  • AMD Graphics card may fail to display water in fish bowl. Users will need an D3D11 card with Radeon Software Version 16.9.1 or above
    • NVidia devices will require GeForce Game Ready Driver 372.90
  • If water fails to appear in Bowl, switch to lower graphical setting
  • Water sometimes freezes in place but bowl carries on
  • Fish can sometimes come out of bowl
  • Player can pause the load screens
  • Fish can sometimes wrongly die in the pool on the second level.
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