Known Issues - 29th October

Please find below the list of known issues in the current build (we endeavour to patch/fix these soon!)

  • Timer does not change it's colour to red and is not pulsating for some players at the end of the match
  • One of the AI populating the Lobby is not represented by a character
  • Dive button keeps glowing after the farmhand tutorial
  • Mouse icon may appear on iOS tutorial prompts
  • Challenges screen doesn't respect LRT/RTL after you swap languages
  • Some clumps of grass under have extended collision
  • Emote audio keeps playing even when changing screen or selecting a new emote in the inventory
  • Pig does not blink in idle pose, looks static
  • The flow for equipping customisations is clunky as the player cannot equip from within the item selection window
  • Banjo SFX is not present when selecting some buttons
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