Lost Ship / Reviver Wipe (7th May)

Update 22nd May: Unfortunately, the logs we use for these restorations (1st-7th May) have now been purged. As such, we cannot restore ships from this period anymore. Two weeks is the upper limit of how far back we can go.


On May 7th there was an issue during maintenance which has caused some players to be wiped from their personal reviver. This hasn't affected everyone, but it does seem to be pretty widespread. The good news is that we believe we may have a way to restore the ships of the players affected by this, but we can't offer guarantees unfortunately as the method is hacky and it might not work at all. We need to do a few things to make the original ship restoration system (as promised in U30) work as intended and then we'll be able to start trying it over the next couple of days.

As this affected quite a large number of players we've had to create a list which we're currently working through. 

The caveat to this is you need to be online for us to do this. When we force your character to re-register to a reviver the ship will not log out normally if you are offline. We don't want to restore your ship only for it to be stolen before you can get to it. The best way to contact a member of the CS Team would be on the official Worlds Adrift Discord (https://discord.gg/worldsadrift), look for Bossa Kirk or Bossa Strite.

If you'd like us to attempt to restore your ship please make a ticket and provide us with the following:

  • Character Name
  • Server
  • If anyone else was registered to the ship
  • Rough time you were last on your ship (Be aware if the ship was logged in before 1st May and not since it will not be recoverable)

Please let us know as soon as possible whether you're willing to wait for the restoration, as if we process the restoration in a couple of days you'll be wiped from any personal revivers you're registered to and registered back on the ship you lost.

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