Early Access / 0.2.0 Known Issues

Please see below for a list of the largest known bugs in the current release of Worlds Adrift.

Be aware that these are bugs that have been reproduced internally by our QA team are awaiting a fix in future.

If you spot any other bugs please head over to our Bug Report forums to let us know!

  • Bug: Logging out can sometimes cause an infinite loading screen
    • Workaround: This most commonly happens when you log out away from your ship or your ship is near terrain/objects. Avoid both these scenarios whenever possible.
  • Bug: The first item loaded into the hotbar after launching the game will not function properly.
    • Workaround: Deselect and reselect the item to use it properly (only occurs for the first item selected)
  • Bug: Grappling to the ship dome while a ship is being created it is possible for the rope to remain clipped through the ship.
    • Workaround: Don't grapple the ship dome when a ship is being made
  • Bug: Wings can be placed in crazy ways, oriented in entirely illegal ways, clipping etc.
    • Workaround:  Avoid trying to place parts in ways that make them clip through the ship  (applies to all illegal ship placement)
  • Bug: A player can grapple to a ship part, move the ship part and remain grappled to where the ship part was previously 
    • Workaround: Avoid grappling to ship parts you or another player are going to move
  • Bug: A player is capable of killing themselves if they are standing next to an item they move with the shipbuilding tool
    • Workaround: Do not stand between a ship part and the location you are moving it to
  • Bug: Materials left in a player's crafting tab when exiting the game are lost
    • Workaround: Make sure not to leave items in the crafting tab when exiting or closing the game
  • Bug: Dying while in 3DS Shipmax allows the player to use all shipyard functions remotely upon respawning.
    • Workaround: Simply close the menu
  • Bug: Using the crew beacon to travel between biomes causes the user to exit the crew
    • Workaround: Re-add members who use the crew beacon
  • Bug: Chat box is unscrollable after logging into different characters in the same game session
    • Workaround: Reload the game (close it completely and open it again)
  • Bug: The belt tutorial message can become stuck on the Players screen
    • Workaround: Log out, then back in
  • Bug: WASD are hardcoded keys. If you bind these keys to anything else, they will also move your character in that direction.
    • Workaround: Avoiding binding any other function to the WASD for now.
  • Bug: Player hairstyles load out/in randomly, making the character appear bald.
    • Workaround: None, but the effect is temporary.
  • Bug: Items can “stick” to the cursor if you try and place a material into the wrong slot (IE trying to place wood into a metal component slot). 
    • Workaround: Make sure you’re using the right material for each component slot.
  • Bug: If a deck is too low/close to a reviver the player may become stuck in the deck and die.
    • Workaround: Make sure all decking has enough space for a player character to stand beneath it.
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