Worlds Adrift Shop Guide/FAQ

As part of the Update 29 cycle, we have introduced the first iteration of the Worlds Adrift Store. This is a very early version of what the final shop will be but we like to think this is an exciting start. It's worth repeating at this juncture that all items on the store will COSMETIC ONLY, we're maintained from the beginning that we never want Worlds Adrift to be pay to win and are committed to that vision.

Here's a guide on how to access the Shop and get your purchased goodies!

  • For now, the Shop is accessed via the UI on the main menu before entering the game. Clicking on Shop will launch a new browser window:


  • This will take you to the Steam Shop for Worlds Adrift where you browse the cosmetic items we have available. The options available will expand over time.


  • Item colours denote rarity, any item with a grid-like background is a schematic.
  • You can click on an item to learn more information about it and proceed to add it to your cart.


  • Proceeding will be the final step before purchasing. [REFUND YES/NO]


  • Once an item has been purchased it will move to your Steam Inventory and also your in-game Stash inventory. Schematics will be automatically learned on all your characters.



  • Items purchased from the Shop will not be tradeable until a certain amount of time has elapsed, you can see this information from your Steam Inventory.

Shop FAQ

Are items and schematics purchased from the Shop account wide?

Yes! Items purchased from the Shop will be available in the Stash for all your current and future characters regardless of which server they are on.

Schematics will automatically be learnt by all your characters and will be useable once you have unlocked shipbuilding in the Knowledge Tree.

Can I refund the items?

Yes. You can refund your purchase within 48 hours unless the item is consumed.

My items aren't appearing help!

Firstly, try relogging in and out of Steam and make sure you're on the correct account.

If you're still missing a purchase please contact support via the 'chat' button in the bottom right of your screen or by sending us a support request here.

Can I purchase an item as a gift?

No, at the moment you can only purchase an item for yourself. You can, however, trade the item after 7 days.

Can I re-sell these items on the Steam Marketplace?

Nope! The items are tradeable after 7 days but we have no plans to make them marketable.

When will you be releasing more items?

We'll be monitoring feedback closely as this is our first shot at the door and gauge player reaction before making more decision on what we add and when.

I have an idea for X item!

We're always keen on hearing cool ideas, get in touch via the Steam or Official forums and let us know!

Are these items obtainable in-game?

No, these items are exclusive to the Shop and cannot be obtained anywhere else. However, to stress again, they are cosmetic only!

Can I lose my purchased items?

You cannot delete the Shop / Steam Inventory items, you won't lose them on death and they will be retained after wipes.

Why are you selling items when you are still in Early Access?

It was requested by our fans and we're always eager to get feedback. Don't like the idea or items available? Let us know!

I discovered a bug with a Shop item, what do I do?

Please let us know! You can do this via a support request, on our Bug forums, or on the official Worlds Adrift Discord.

I bought 1 item of a bundle, can I upgrade to the entire set for a reduced cost?



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