Patch - Respawn Issues

Hey guys,

We know of the issues concerning respawning or not being able to die.

We are continuing to investigate at the moment.

Right now, there’s no workaround we can offer at the moment as the usual support solutions do not work.

This post will be updated as we learn more.

UPDATE 11:15 BST - We are closing in on what we believe is the cause of the issue and will hopefully lock it down shortly.

UPDATE 11:25 BST - We have a tentative fix which is being tested on an internal build.

UPDATE 11:50 BST - We believe the fix works and will be releasing it has a hotfix during maintenance. 

UPDATE 12:20 BST - Maintenance will last **at least** an hour longer than usual to deploy and test the hotfix.

UPDATE 14:55 BST - We believe we have fixed the problem and the game will be coming out of maintenance in the next 10 minutes.


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