0.1.6 - Blank UI

We're aware of an issue whereby a character's information pane (Character, Schematics, Knowledge etc.) will become blank and unusable.

As you can see, we believe this is caused by an item being placed out of bounds which corrupts the player profile of a character.

We have a, as yet untested, fix for this in the next update (0.1.7, tentatively around a week away, which includes a wipe) but for now, if this occurs there is no efficient way to recover the corrupted profile.

If it does happen please DO NOT relog and send us your output_log immediately. 

Also, as a potential workaround try the following: (please note this has been untested in-house and we cannot guarantee it will work)

Go into your Assets folder in Worlds Adrift, delete it, and then verify the integrity of the game cache. 

Community member Proto also shared a workaround here:

I ran across this same issue while trying to swap out my current equipment for the glowing holiday equipment in my stash. I immediately got the blank inventory bug, could not get rid of the inventory screen or access the start/escape menu.

THE FIX. Die. In my situation I just forced my character to take fall damage at my shipyard and when I re-spawned the inventory screen was gone and I could access the start menu. I could also recover my loot bag, however hitting tab would re-introduce the blank inventory bug. So I died again, looted my bag, went straight to the escape menu and logged out normally. About 15min later I came back and the issue was resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience but will hopefully have this fixed shorty.


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