Connection Issues Part 2

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most prevalent issues encountered in the current release of the Worlds Adrift Closed Beta.

Disconnected: RakNet connection lost

Cause: Network instability on either player or server

Solution: This is currently under investigation. However, it is useful to simply exit the game client completely. If this does not work please attempt our troubleshooting guide for generic connection issues.

Disconnect was called by the user / You have been disconnected from the server due to an error, please restart the game

Cause: Game desync followed by forced disconnection

Solution: This error was introduced in and is one of our top priorities to fix. Since this is a server-side error there are no known workarounds to avoid it, however, it should be sporadic in nature. It is surmised that this error more commonly occurs when teleporting using the crew beacon or travelling between islands at speed.

Could not establish network connection

Cause: Network instability

Solution: Standard troubleshooting found in our support article recommended. This error is most commonly associated with a blocked connection, usually caused by third-party software or network configuration.

Authentication timed out (1/2) (RESOLVED)

Cause: EAC calls timing out

Solution: This was introduced in 0.1.5 and is the result of authentication calls to EAC timing out. In we temporarily disabled server-side EAC whilst we investigate the issue. 

Fetching deployments failed: Listing deployments failed: gRPC error DEADLINE_EXCEEDED: Deadline Exceeded

Cause: Network Error

Solution: This error should be a temporary network error and is usually resolved by attempting to reconnect. 

Note: If you are receiving this error and playing from Russia it is likely due to the blocking of certain Google/Amazon IPs. Unfortunately, we can't offer a workaround for this.

No Steam auth token initialised

Cause: Steam not initialised correctly

Solution: Shutdown Steam client completely, restart Steam & retry. It would also be useful to check and install any pending updates for Steam and launch the application as an administrator if possible.




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