I'm Experiencing Lag!

What is lag?

The term lag is often used interchangeably, usually when people say they have lag they are referring to one of two problems and on occasions a combination of both. The most common problems described as lag are: low frame rate or slow internet connectivity.

Low frame rate

Cause: Lag in the context of low frame rate is something caused by your PC's hardware and software.

Explanation: Frame rate or frames per second (FPS) is a measurement of how quickly your computer is able to render and display images and graphics in game. The greater your FPS the more smoothly everything will look and feel in the game, your maximum frame rate is determined by a number of factors. There are many third party programs which can be used to monitor your FPS whilst in game.

Symptoms: If you have "lag" in terms of your frame rate you'll experience low frame rate which will result in images in game being jarring or jerky. In more severe cases you'll encounter the action on the screen freezing completely. This problem is usually made worse when your computer has to display a large amount of entities or effects on screen at once.

Solution: See our article on how to troubleshoot graphical performance issues by clicking here.

Poor Internet Connection

Cause: The other problem commonly defined as "lag" has a variety of symptoms - the majority of which are caused by a poor connection between your computer and the game's servers. This can originate in many places - your personal internet connection (router, cables wifi e.t.c), your ISP or a problem on our side.

Explanation: An easy way to quantify the quality of your internet connection is by what is commonly known as "ping." "Ping" refers to the amount of time it takes for data to travel from your computer / game client to our serves and back - a sort of call and response. Unlike FPS we want as low a "ping" as possible, "ping" is measured in ms (milliseconds.) 

Symptoms: If you have "lag" in terms of your internet connection you'll experience a delay in the time between performing actions physically at your computer (pressing a key, clicking a mouse) and them being reflected in-game. You may also experience something known as "rubber-banding" where you will walk a distance in-game only to be pulled back to where you started several seconds ago. More severe problems include disconnections and inability to log in.

Solution: See our article on how to troubleshoot internet connection issues by clicking here.


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