What are Alliances and How Do I Create/Join One?

What are Alliances?

The Alliance system is a place where you can group together, form friendships, and use your combined cunning to navigate through the Worlds Adrift universe.

Players in Alliances will have the advantage of being able to pool knowledge, recruit other members, team up against common enemies and have private areas away from other players to chat, so you can plan your next adventures away from prying eyes.

How to Join an Alliance

Firstly, ensure you are signed up and logged in on the official website

Once you are you should see a link in the top right of the screen which says 'no alliance' -

Clicking this link will take you to the Alliance HUB.

Here you have two options, find or join, right now we're interested in joining an Alliance:

Clicking 'find an Alliance' will take you to a searchable list of all the Alliances in Worlds Adrift - you can sort this list by size, keyword or description. Once you have found a potential Alliance you'd like to join click on their Alliance pane.

From here you can view more information and more importantly apply to the Alliance leader for membership. It might be worth visiting the Alliance's forum as some may have specific formats they'd like you to apply with.

How to Create an Alliance

If you wish to be a leader and forge your own destiny you can embark on creating an Alliance too!

Clicking the 'create Alliance' button will take you to arguably the most important part of creating your Alliance - its name and description.

Think very carefully about your Alliance's name as it is the first thing potential new members will see when they are looking to join. Additionally, name's cannot be changed manually once they are created. 

If you wish to change your Alliance's name please contact support by clicking the 'submit a request' link in the top right of the screen. Please bear in mind that this can only be done once per Alliance.