What are Alliances and How Do I Create/Join One?

Note: as of Update 26 Alliances are now created in-game! This is a first pass at the system and more features (Emblem Creator, Alliance-specific customisations etc) will be implemented in future.

What are Alliances?

The Alliance system is a place where you can group together, form friendships, and use your combined cunning to navigate through the Worlds Adrift universe.

Players in Alliances will have the advantage of being able to pool knowledge, recruit other members, team up against common enemies and have private areas away from other players to chat, so you can plan your next adventures away from prying eyes.

How to join an Alliance?

  • Once in-game press 'O' to access the social menu.
  • From here, select the Alliance tab to view all the Alliances on your server. (Please bear in mind Alliances are server specific with no cross-server functionality.)
  • Alliances with different Emblems are ones which were reserved and migrated into the game when we retired the website version of the system. New Alliances have the Worlds Adrift logo by default until the Emblem Creator is implemented in-game (date TBD.)

  • Once you have selected an Alliance you're interested in joining click on it to open the application menu.

  • Here you can write an application on why you'd like to join the Alliance which will then be reviewed by the Alliance leader. 
  • You can apply to up to 25 Alliances at once and you'll be recruited by the first one to accept you.

How to create an Alliance?

  • Once in-game press 'O' to access the social menu.
  • Head to the Create Alliance section.
    Fill out the relevant details including Alliance name, Description and Message of the day, then choose create

  • Once created you can send invitations and accept applications. You can also advertise your Alliance on our forums and Discord.
  • Please note at the moment the Emblem of an Alliance cannot be edited. This feature will be added later.
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