What is Worlds Adrift?

Worlds Adrift is an unscripted, sandbox game with full real-time physics, crafting and survival elements, set in an online open-world that is permanently changed by players’ every actions. There are no preset quests, towns, NPCs, or final boss. Everything is influenced and moved by the players themselves. Players will construct their own sky ships to explore the world which has mysteriously been shattered into floating islands. It is entirely up to the player to set their own goals, and make their own legacy.

Q: So what’s this game about?
A: Whatever you want. It’s a blank canvas, Worlds Adrift is a true player driven sandbox.

Q: Is there any kind of story or end-goal?
A: There is a backstory players can try to uncover on how the world came to be in is current state, but after that, no. Moving forward the “story” of Worlds Adrift will be created by the players through the simple act of playing and existing in the world. There are no end-goals other than what each individual chooses to set for him or herself. The lack of set goals and objectives are meant to foster truly emergent gameplay. This coupled with the persistence and networked physics mechanics means it really is entirely free-form as to what any player can actually hope to achieve in the game.

Q: Networked Physics?
A: Everyone online will experience the same physics simulation of the world at the same time! And everything in this game has physics. EVERYTHING. From the humble cannon ball or crossbow bolt, to the mightiest of airships lumbering through the sky. All of it will use realistic physics to create a truly unique experience every time.

Q: Persistence?
A: All things in the game world are permanent: from cut down trees, to constructed items. If you were to blow up an airship, its debris would rain down and come to rest on the islands below. Every last scrap, no matter how small, would remain where it landed forever until reclaimed by other players. Even the animals persist by living out natural life cycles, giving birth to new generations, and dying. They are never just spawned in or out. The world runs 24/7 and every action tangibly alters it.

For more information about the game please see the full FAQ on our forums created and maintained by Worlds Adrift moderators Day0x and Fenix.

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