Hello all,

We are aware that there remains confusion and hot debate over our stance on what we consider cheating, hacking and taking advantage of certain bugs in-game to be – and we totally accept ownership and responsibility for this, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say sorry that we haven’t made this clearer before now, and we hope we can continue to work with you all to make Worlds Adrift a great experience for everyone playing.

We realise that in the past, some of our blogs and terms of use have not been clear enough.  They represented a vision of the game as a completed product and do not reflect it’s current pre-Early Access state. They’re our goals and what standard we eventually want to hold the game to.

As it currently stands the game is still heavily in development. You are still helping us fix the game by breaking it and we fully appreciate your diligence in finding and reporting problems to us.

In light of this we’re excited to share that we have a beta branch available to test right now! This includes 3 speculative fixes for some very important issues:

  1. Duping
  2. Client freezes
  3. Invisible Island assets

To access this:

  1. Right-click on Worlds Adrift in your Steam Library
  2. Select properties
  3. Go to the ‘betas’ tab
  4. Enter the following access code ‘mns7AkwHd32a’
  5. Select the ‘beta – Pre-release channel’ branch.
  6. Download the update / verify the integrity of the cache if necessary.

Please do let us know on the forum post if this has successfully fixed the above issues or if they are still present.

So, to add much-needed clarity here’s how things are currently.


Our definition of cheating or hacking (to us they are the same thing) is using third party programs (or modifying memory / files directly) to access and change in-game values or modify the game client. This is invasive and a premeditated attempt to undermine the integrity of the game. It is not discovering bugs and serves no purpose other than to ruin the experience for others.

We have already implemented the first stage of EAC to help combat this with a comprehensive additional upgrade on the way soon.

Since we announced our stance on hacking we have banned over 100 accounts and will continue to be vigilant and proactive against people who do this.

If you are found to be cheating or hacking, you will be banned for this permanently.

Exploiting Bugs

We fully appreciate this is a contentious issue and are listening to your feedback.

At the moment we do not consider the discovery and use of bugs as cheating so long as they are reported to us using the appropriate channels. Given the current nature of the game there will be things that are broken and need addressing. It is more important to us to find and squash these bugs than to punish people who are using them – you can’t keep using them if we squish ‘em! As we are developing the game using technology that is also being developed in parallel, we are also developing the tools and services on the back-end too; development-ception if you will. This is the reason why there is not exclusivity between a developer fixing a bug, and customer support finding and disciplining people taking advantage of them.

Thanks to you, we have already worked on and crushed over 350 bugs, and we know there’s many more you will yet find – this is just the tip of the bug-berg!

For now, this is our stance, and we welcome you keep finding and reporting bugs –  working with us to make sure Worlds Adrift is as stable and fair as possible before it opens up to a wider audience.

Our Terms of Service will be modified to make this clearer going forward and they will be adjusted in time to reflect any changes in our stance, which will be informed by you.

We call you Founder’s for a reason; now let’s build something amazing together!

See you in the skies


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