Cheating will not be tolerated

Greetings travellers,

Over the last couple of days, we’ve received a number of reports of cheating in Worlds Adrift, and videos that were shared online showing how to cheat in the game. We aren’t the first game to deal with this problem, and in hindsight we should have rolled out anti-cheat mechanisms by now, but we thought that during Closed Beta we could do without it… this was clearly our mistake.

We’d like to make two statements regarding cheating:

First, the dev team has now elevated this to the highest priority. We are moving developers off feature development to anti-cheat. We will have a solution in place soon, during Closed Beta.

Secondly, we will be handing out permanent bans for the players we identify as cheaters. It should come as no surprise that modifying the client in order to gain an advantage, especially via third party programs, is a violation of our Terms & Conditions.

If you find a bug, or an exploit, or a cheat, the right way to help the team and support the game is to reach out to us using this link: https://support.bossastudios.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for understanding, and see you in the skies!

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