Stuck on Connecting Screen / Can't Return to Ship

The majority of the revival bugs should have been fixed in However, we are receiving reports of people unable to return to their ship using the personal revive option or getting a grey/infinite loading screen when they try to do so.

A potential workaround if you don't mind losing your inventory:

  • Log into the game
  • Press F4 to remove the UI
  • Press G to ragdoll
  • Do this enough and you can theoretically take enough damage to die
  • Respawn normally

Alternatively, if you have a helpful player with you, is to do the following:

  • Log in and have the infinite load screen
  • Have the player remove your personal reviver from the ship
  • The other player then kills your character
  • You then ALT+F4 out of the game 
  • You should then be able to log in as normal.

Finally, if you're playing from the UK and are a Sky internet user please disable your adult filtering. We've had reports that this filter erroneously interferes with Worlds Adrift.

If none of the steps above help please raise a support ticket and we'll attempt to move your character to a revival chamber and/or get you back to your ship.

If you have more than one character, please make sure to tell us which character you're having trouble with to speed things up!


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