Stuck on Connecting Screen

We're aware that sometimes a character will either get stuck on the loading screen or just appear hovering in the air.

This occasionally can be solved by simply waiting a while or relogging - however, it usually requires some aid on our side to resolve.

When encountering this it is important to send us your output_log so we can investigate why this is happening. Make sure you do not relog or exit before sending them through as this will overwrite important information:

Output Log:

  • Right-click the game in your Steam Library
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate to the Local Files tab
  • Select Browse Local Files...
  • Go to the UnityClient@Windows_Data folder
  • Inside you'll find a .txt file called 'output_log' - attach this to your ticket.

After sending your report and logs try the following:

  • Exit the game from the task manager and relaunch (may take multiple attempts)
  • Try making another character and then log back into your initial character.

If none of these solutions help please raise a support ticket and we'll attempt to move your character to a revival chamber.


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