Stuck on Connecting Screen / Can't Return to Ship

Update: Most of the revival bugs should have been fixed in However, we are receiving reports of people unable to return to their ship using the personal revive option or getting a grey/infinite loading screen when they try to do so.

From the live cases we investigated it does appear that if you keep repeating the following process:

  • Log into the game (presumably you'll be at an Respawn Chamber
  • Use the Respawn option
  • Use the Personal Reviver option (this will likely result in either an infinite loading screen OR being sent back to the Respawn Chamber.
  • Log out normally, or ALT+F4 if you have to.
  • Log into the game (presumably you'll be at an Respawn Chamber
  • Log out using the Log Out option on the main menu, waiting the 20 seconds.
  • Log back into the game and attempt to go back to your ship.

Another workaround, if you have a helpful player with you, is to do the following:

  • Log in and have the infinite load screen
  • Have the player remove your personal reviver from the ship
  • The other player then kills your character
  • You then ALT+F4 out of the game 
  • You should then be able to log in as normal.

If none of the steps above help please raise a support ticket and we'll attempt to move your character to a revival chamber and/or get you back to your ship.


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