Driss (PvP) and Kubo (PvE) will have maintenance every Tuesday and Friday at 13:30 UTC / 14:30 BST / 15:30 CEST / 09:30 EDT / 06:30 PDT.

New users will be prevented from logging in at 30 minutes before maintenance is scheduled to start and players already logged in will be notified that maintenance will begin in 30 mins.

Maintenance will usually last around 30-45 mins.

So, put in your calendars, write it on your hand, graffiti it on your favourite pet…whatever you need to do.

This scheduled downtime should not have a negative impact on the progress of your characters and may result in only the smallest of changes to the world/ships.

We’d recommend not making any significant upgrades AND logging out before the server kicks you 10 minutes prior to the servers being shut down.

Note: this time may change in future – we will notify you if this is the case.

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