Trouble Logging In? Start Here

If you're having trouble logging into the website or game please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are logging into the website and game with the correct credentials.
  2. Log into the website and game with your registered email address. Using your username, Steam name or an unassociated email will result in an error.
  3. Passwords are case sensitive.

If the password reset / activation email has not arrived please check your junk / spam / promotions (if on gmail)

There may be a slight delay and if you have requested multiple resets bear in mind only the latest link will work.

We are also investigating this at the moment to see if there's an issue with our email services.

If you're having trouble linking your Steam account or logging into the game once you have done so, check the following:

  1. You are logging into your account with the same credentials as the website.
  2. Login using your registered email address.
  3. If you're still having trouble try resetting your password @ worldsadrift.com
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