Naming Rules

With the latest update to the website, we've implemented some adjustments to the naming rules for your username/reserved character name.

For the vast majority of existing users, you should notice no difference; the main bulk of the updated restrictions apply to new users only. 

If your name is invalidated by the update you'll be prompted to make a new one when you next try and log in.


Please find a breakdown of the rules below:

These rules apply to new and existing users:

  • Name must be unique
  • No numbers allowed - only letters, spaces and apostrophes
  • Capital letters can only be used at the start of a word, after a space, or after an apostrophe
  • 3-18 characters total length (including spaces/apostrophes)
  • 2 spaces max, can’t be consecutive or at start or end of word
  • 2 Apostrophes max, cannot be next to each other or at start or end of name
  • Not be inappropriate, see forum rules or EULA for more information.


If you make a mistake when choosing your new name please contact support who may be able to assist.



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