Closed Beta Quick Start Guide

Worlds Adrift Closed Beta Quick-Start Guide

This is your quick start guide to the Worlds Adrift Closed Beta. You will find a guide to the controls and general gameplay tips.



F1 – Open controls window
TAB – Open main UI menu which includes character, inventory, crafting, codex, and knowledge screens
Left click – use currently selected hotbar item
Right click (or hold right click to aim) – shoot out or detach grappling hook
E – interact with item when in range
Q – Climb on surfaces (quite buggy currently, use with caution)

Movement on foot

WASD – Move character
Holding down Shift – Sprint
Spacebar – Jump
Shift + 8, 9, 0, -, + = Dance!

Movement on rope

WASD – directional lean
Shift – reel in rope
Ctrl – slacken rope (until max length)
Spacebar – when feet off the ground, rapid “zip” reel-in of the rope (there’s a short cool-down on this move)

Character airborne

Spacebar (when glider equipped) – open glider
Character gliding
WASD – glider controls (W dives, S pulls back up, A and D turns)
Spacebar – close glider

While piloting ship

Mouse – controls the pitching and rolling of the ship (handlebars)
A, D – controls the turning of the ship (handlebars)
W, S – increases or decreases the throttle setting (handle on the right side of the helm)
Shift/Space – raises the ship
Ctrl – lowers the ship
Right Mouse Button - hold down and move the mouse to look around when flying


Starting the game

You will need to find and scan an ancient databank (rusted, semi-broken cylinders the size of a phone booth) to acquire Knowledge.
With this Knowledge, enter your menu, switch to your Knowledge tab, and learn Shipbuilding. This will unlock your first set of essential schematics.


If buggy, switch back and forth between your desired function and other slots on the hotbar until the gauntlet is visibly equipped again.


Slot 1: Salvage Mode - used for gathering resources.
Slot 2: Repair Tool - used to repair ship parts.
Slot 3: Shipbuilding Tool - Only activated when inside a shipyard dome you either own or have access to. Click on a ship part to “pick it up”; then click anywhere else to either move the part there (blue preview) or attach it to a ship (green preview)
Slot 4: Used to scan Data Banks to gather knowledge or on ship parts to gain more information.


Hint: The crafting station and shipyard are key to building a ship!
Drag any crafted inventory item to the hotbar to assign it to that key, except for the glider, which is equipped on your character’s utility slots (next to the paper doll on the character pane of your inventory UI) as shown in the screenshot below:


To fly, a ship needs

  • A sky core to provide lift
  • A sail to provide thrust (or engines + generator + fuel)
  • A helm to control the ship
  • Highly recommended: a personal reviver and wings (they help you pitch, roll, and turn more easily!)
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