Emblem Creator - Instructions


  • Select an object from the object panel on the left to add it to the editor as a layer. You can add up to 40 layers and there is a count at the top of the layers panel to the right.

  • The layer can then be moved, resized and rotated in the editor using the mouse - You can also use the arrows on the keyboard to move the layer.
  • Use the flip buttons at the top-right of the editor to flip the currently active layer (highlighted in the layers panel) on it's X or Y axis.

  • Click a colour in the colour palette to change the colour of the currently active layer.
  • The opacity slider can be used to alter the opacity of the currently active  layer.

  • Click the 'delete all' button at the top of the layers panel to delete all unlocked layers.
  • Within a layer on the list, click on the move icon, preview image or name to select that layer and make it the current active layer.
  • You can also drag the layers up and down to reorder them and this order is reflected in the editor.
  • On the right of each layer are 3 buttons...
    • Clone
    • Delete
    • Lock - This locks the layer, preventing any changes being made to it. It can still be reordered in the layers panel or cloned.

  • Click the 'Save Emblem' button to set the emblem as your profile image, save to your personal gallery or your alliance's gallery, if you are a member.
  • Click the 'Undo Changes' button to clear all changes and reload the current emblem.
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