What is Decksplash?

The extreme world of skateboarding meets the intrepid art of painting in this six player competitive team game!

Pick one of the daring deck designs, find a match and get ready to splash big, earning experience and loot boxes for dank skrilla to bedazzle your peers!

You and two fearless teammates will spin, splash and score your way to a top quality victory where the only rule is to control the arena for the longest! Bling out your deck with your own flavour of board, trucks and wheels to get that freaky fresh feeling that everyone loves

Decksplash has got the passion for frantic action with the wild weirdness that only Bossa Studios can provide. What more can we say?! Get down here, get your deck out and start splashing it up!

Key Features

  • Competitive 3 Vs. 3 - Take part in fast AND furious matches which will pit your deck splashing abilities against others looking to prove their skills!
  • Dank Skrilla - Earn yourself loot boxes with new board designs by taking on your opponents in incalculable fashion.
  • Party Up - Nothing says BFF’s than the squad getting their decks out to splash with complete strangers!
  • Getting TRIꓘT out! - As you flip and spin through the air, you’ll be accredited for each trick you pull off with its real world counterpart!
  • 2ManyBoardz #FirstWorldProblems - Play with any of the freaky fresh boards, each designed to have its own unique personality and flavour!
  • Full 3D Controls - Become the master of dimensions as you spin your board in full rotation of the X, Y AND EVEN Z AXIS!.
  • Shock the Competition - See the cool kid on the block, tryna prove themselves? Decimate them with a shockwave, throwing them through the air and destroying their combo.
  • Nothing Confusing! - The Skateboards are neither kids nor squids, it’s easier to keep track of!

This is just the beginning for Decksplash, we have big plans and want to deliver the best game we possibly can with your help.

Follow the game on Steam or our social channels and be the first to be notified of updates and when the game is heading into Early Access.

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