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Decksplash Alpha 2 Quick Start Guide

Decksplash Alpha 2 quick start Guide

Welcome back to Decksplash Alpha 2! This build is still very much a work in progress, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

We recommend playing the game with a gamepad. For a more optimal experience, don’t tab out of the game. More info on this in the Known Issues section at the bottom of this guide.

In the game, controls are shown in the How to Play section, Options menu and the Pause menu. You can remap them in the Options menu. The game will auto-detect if you have a gamepad plugged in and display gamepad controls.

General help on how to play (and win) the game is available in the How To Play and Tutorials sections of the Main Menu.

New Features

New Matchmaking System - Enjoy all the shiny new single player content while you’re matchmaking.

Tutorials - Learn the basics in our all new tutorials. The art for these are work in progress.

Challenges - 11 single player challenges for more advanced players. Have a go while you’re waiting for a match! Compete with your friends to see who can land the biggest combo in the leaderboards! The art for these are work in progress.

4 NEW ARENAS! - These new arenas are still under construction, and we’d love to hear which ones are your favourites! Get some big air and test out your new manuals/wallrides on these specialised arenas.

Manuals and Wallrides! More ways to build your combo!

Power Ups! Try out a bunch of new ways to affect the outcome of the match using Power Ups scattered around the arenas. Mess with paint using the Fountain, Eraser and Paint Balloon. Drop Mines or launch Combo Seeking Missiles to take out your enemies, and defend against them using the Shield.

Team Landing Zone - Still there, but now as a Power Up! Stays open for longer too.

Shockwave / Team Buff - Still useable with the handy B button on controllers / F key on keyboard.

Boosts - Booster pads are placed in strategically useful places on the map, or you can grab one as a handy Power Up.

XP - Earn XP and level up by winning matches! Earn bonus XP for finishing a match, winning a match, and earning gold medals.

Medals - Earn medals for contributing to your team in a variety of ways. High scores and paint coverage are great, but denying score with shockwaves and assisting with Buffs or Team Landing Zones is also crucial to victory!

Steam Party System - Team up with your friends and demolish the opposition.

New boards - A bunch of different boards in various styles are on display for this playtest. Let us know which is your favourite!

HUD clarity - See a breakdown of your tricks as you perform them. Also use the board outlines to see which team you’re on as well as easily locate other players. The art for these are work in progress.

Informative Loading Screens - Loading screens and the matchmaking widget let you know which multiplayer arena you’re about to play. Loading screens also feature helpful tips.

Cheat Protection - To create a fairer environment for all our users, we have added the Easy Anticheat wrapper (used in titles like Rust and For Honor). Please allow it to safely install on your PC in order to play.

Additional SFX and Music

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

• Party bugs - sometimes not all players will make it into same match. Don’t invite players while matchmaking. If you’re the Host, don’t click Play Online until your party is ready. If you encounter this bug, feel free to play some challenges while you wait for your party members to finish their game and try again. Or just Leave the party and join up with them later. :)

• If you get a drop in framerate, try the following:

  • Restart the game with lower graphics settings
  • Play in Windowed mode in a lower screen resolution

Don’t Alt+tab during matchmaking or match, or even better, always play in windowed mode. If you tab out and lose connection, this can mess up your game.

• SFX settings aren’t being saved between main menu and matches, so please use the global audio mixer on your Windows status bar if you wish to mute the game.

Thanks for playing, hope you have a blast!

Love Bossa xoxo


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